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This quiz is here to find out how much you know about the vast world of Legaia! There is a series of 4 questions a week. Whoever gets it right, will instantly have their screename (or if by request) name posted. So don't be afraid to answer! Side Note: If you want a link to another section with the answers and the people correct to make it neater E-mail me!

QUIZ 5 7/21/99

1. What is Vahn's dream about in Uru Mais?

2. Where can you find a War Soul?

3 How many people in Vidna can you take pictures of with the Camera Stone?

4. In the last dungeon what happens before you fight Cort?

Send in the Answers

People Who Got It CORRECT 6/23

1. Pikafriend

2. Asicare111

3. PaRtErR

4. Beana58

5. terra_raseru

6. Jubei83

7. JAYCEE1434

8. SoUtHpk678

9. Gotanygum7

10. ddakota

11. shadowwolf16

12. UltraRim

13. XLD14U

14. DeadlySin26

15. Matt158431

16. Zergplague

17. Mike Maner

18. gleeock

19. Larry Yadao


1. ViperJS04

2. shadowwolf16

3. DBZGoku77


5. Cyboreshadow

6. Maxgamer14

7. LA70815

8. SS7Mike

9. Zorlak4622

10. Believer84

11. Ulrich05

12. Hi5Raichu


1. Cloud635

2. Mcgwi60802

3. BlueSeed12

4. Believer84

5. TRiniDraGn

6. cyboreshadow

7. Lady Vegeta

8. ViperJS04

9. Geogha


11. Spiders87

12. Soren8286

13. COOLGUY646

14. Luigi3928


1. Luigi3928

2. Spiders87

3. Jswan409

4. Believer84

5. McGwi60802

6. cyboreshadow

7. TLM1960


1. Cyboreshadow

2. pop

3. Gondelie

4. EsSeNzFwR

5. Starmy12

If you get one or more wrong I'll send it back letting you know which one/ones you got wrong. So if you did get some wrong try again!

This site is dedicated to the game legend of Legaia. If you have any questions, coments, or suggestions. Also E-mail me on what you think about starting a Q & A section in replace of the FAQ section!! E-MAIL ME
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UPDATE: August 16th, 2001
Yeah that's right, an update. Assuming I still have viewers. Well as most of you may have heard, there's a planned sequel for Legend of Legaia coming out for the Ps2. Will I cover it? Possibly, from what I've heard over at TheGIA three characters are in the game again. A blue haired fellow named Lang, a mute magician named Maya and an old retired martial artist that lives on a mountain named Kazan. Talk about similar characters. Sounds exactly like Vahn and crew. However first off I need a Ps2. So job, and money here I come. If you still want to e-mail me it's however don't expect me to know details about the game still. It's been quite a while since I've played and it just amazes me that people still IM me about it. (Where were you guys when it came out? :P )Speaking of IM's my new SN is ScarsofTime13. If you have any gaming questions (LoL or anything else) I'll see if I can answer it. Well this site won't update again until LoL2 is released, so you can still send in tips and stuff but it most likely won't be posted. Let's see..if you have any other gaming questions these are the games I've played recently:

Skies of Arcadia - my favorite RPG ever, this game just rocks, if I had the time I did when LoL came out I'd so have site up.

Sonic Adventure 2 - quite nice, although more Sonic woulda been better.

Wow that's really not too much, well any game (RPG are the ones I play most often) question is ok, I'll try to answer it.

As for any more sites, well I must say I was quite a novice at web building when I created this site. So we'll see about others, for Legaia: Duel Saga I'll most likely make a brand new page. Possibly making a page for the games I've played in general with walkthroughs and things for each of them. However time is not on my side, with a upcoming job, schoolwork etc. don't expect one anytime soon. If you'd like to help, just give me an e-mail. As for games Im lookin forward to, Metal Gear Solid 2, Silent Hill 2, Final Fantasy X, Wild Arms Advanced 3rd, Legaia: Duel Saga (of course), ICO, and probably more a time goes by. So might be starting a site to put all the new games I'll be playing. Time consuming but the response is worth it. On a side note I just recently decided to actually look at my guest book, 14 pages worth, yeah doesn't sound like a lot but it's the most for me, also had a few messages that required me to enter my password, hell if I remember that. Thanks for the feedback guys, keep mailin, and see ya soon.


So now that's done with let's get on with the game. The goal of Legend Of Legaia is to rid the world of a mysterious mist that covers the world! You soon gather a team of three. Vahn, Noa, and Gala. The game itself is long, fun, and hard. This site will help you to the end. It will include helpful hints for the HARD bosses. A FAQ section, an ARTS SECTION, and a WALKTHROUGH. To the left are the links to these three sections. In our Main Section there will be an Legend of Legaia quiz. See how much you know about this game! And tips to help you along. Also new secrets if found. Find Pictures in the FAQ section.

Need more help. I'm online, usually, from 3:00 to 4:00. Screename: Polis13. Or you can/ E-Mail me

Links to other LOL sites: want yours here e-mail me and send me the address: put link in the subject.

1. Mcgwi60802's page

2. Luigi3928's page

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GOT ANY SECRETS YOU WANT TO SHARE WITH OTHERS! E-Mail Me and I'll post them as soon as possible.

Here's three secrets from me.

1. Go to Warrior Square's Genesis Tree when Meta is lvl. 8 and Vahn has all his arts.

2. Go to Mt. Rikura's Genesis Tree when Terra is lvl. 7 and Noa has all her arts.

3. Go to East Voz Forest's Genesis Tree when Ozma is lvl. 6 and Gala has all his arts.

4. Check the tree near Tetsu to battle some bees I reccommend you have all three characters and are at lvl 10.

Submitted by NabiRox

5. After beating Songi for the last time go to West Voz Forest and open the chest near the dead tree. Take the treasure to Zalan and when you equip it it'll give you a new spell.

Submitted by DJUSNS

7. To get Juggernaught get to level 99 and talk to Saryu.

8. To get the Evil Medallion head back to the summit where you used the flute. Walk around until you fight one hard boss.

9. After leaving Rim Elm return and go upstairs of the item shop and check the drawer for the point card.

10. In king drakes castle. Check the upper left corner of the upper left room in the throne room.

These secrets were submitted by: LordCrovax

12. A nice secret here: In the Bio Castle there is an item called the Mettle Goblet, it keeps your AP at 100 at all times. It's near the end before fighting Cort. It's against a wall to the right, before you reach one of the last treasure chests.

13. If you equip the light tailsman against Lapis, he will only take off half of what he usually takes off you.

These secrets were submitted by: XSaNTriUMX

14. Get 20,000 points fishing at Buma and check the list for the water egg. Take it to Jerimi and have the Jewler look at it.

15. Get 100,000 points at the Fighting area in Sol. Check the prize list to get the Earth egg. Take it to Zalan in Jerimi.

These Codes submitted by: cyboreshadow

16. After getting Meta go to Mei's house. Tell her the mist is here and take her to your house. When you leave she'll give you a pendent that raises HP?

17. When the Mist is in town go to the shop, tell the person you want to hide and you'll get some healing leaves.

18. In Drake Castle after the mist in the market Noa will ask what money is when she wants a fighting robe. Tell her you don't know and you'll get it for free.

19. When you first arrive at Karisto Kingdom, check the tree behind the stand for 3000 G. If you are honest at the stand you will get a vitality ring when the mist is gone.

20. If you get a high enough score in the Dancing Practice with the King of Disco, you'll get a prize. When you win the dance contest you'll see him in Rim Elm at the end.

21. At Sol there is a kid selling a Life Grail for 60,000 G. You can bargain down to 40,000 G. It's worth it.

22. After Uru Mais is destroyed go check the right side and you'll get a Magic Grail.

23. After beating Cort in Rim Elm you can Fight Tetsu, win and you'll get a Mettle Gem.

These Codes submitted by Believer84

24. To get the Chicken King go to the Muscle Dome in Sol and enter each tornument then run away from each one. The Chicken King lets you run away successfully from enemies, not bosses though.

25. To get the Camera Stone go to Vidna after Dohati's castle and go to the house to the right of Pepe's house a man outside will seel you the camera for 100G. After 5 shots it will break.

26. To make the Muscle Dome easier equip the Fire Droplet and the Life Grail. The Fire Droplet will keep your AP at 100 and the Life Grail will restore HP. DO NOT SEE DR. USHA after getting Fire Droplet. You'll get alot of coins!

27. To get money easier make alot of coins using Baka Fighter, the fighting or slot machines then buy alot of seru bread, 100 coins each. Then sell them for 3000G a piece!

28. To get Infinate Coins you need a turbo pad. First get the Evil Medallion from Lapis. Then put Vahn in front of the women who lets you enter. Turn the auto fire on X and leave there for a while. When you come back you have alot of coins!

29. After beating the Abosolut Fortress. Go fight in the Expert match in Sol beat all the rounds to get the War God Icon which let's you attack twice in a row!

These codes submitted by: Mcgi60802

30. To get the tackle box go to Vidna and touch the tackle box on the beach then talk to the guy next to it and say yes and it's yours!

Code submitted by: cyboreshadow

31. The Camera Stone can be used in a few places...the swimsuit is used when the girl on the beach of Vidna takes a picture of Noa. So far pics can be taken in Vidna and Rim Elm

Code Submitted by: cmc8719

32. While playing LoL I found an item that is of major use when fishing. It is called the legendary rod. To get it go to the Research Center in Karisto Kingdom. Go up by the inn and check in between the two beds. You will then own the legendary rod. It seems to increase the chances of catching large and extra-large fish.

Code submitted by: COOLGUY646

33. Although more of a tip...In the expert course of the muscle paradise arena, u lose ur armor and weapons, and in the master course, you will lose weapons, armor, and magic.

34. To get the 3 life armbands, which each raise your life 25%, you can find one in the absolute fortress, one by getting 2,500 coins in the Sol Muscle Dome, and one by talking to Mei inside Juggernaut at the end while wearing Mei's Pendent. You get the pendent by taking Mei to your house in the very beginning when the mist invades Rim Elm.

Codes submitted be SCMike616

The rest are up to you! Baka Fighter Help is in the Mini Game Section Now!