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...a resort town where something terrible has gone wrong. And it's up to Harry Mason to find out, what. There will be deadly monsters, mind boggling puzzels, and five different endings. Stuck at a puzzle? Keep getting killed by a certain boss, lost your way? This will help. The complete walkthrough for the game. From begging to end. All the puzzles, all the enemies, and how to get all the endings. So if you dare enter Silent Hill, and be prepared for anyhting....

WARNING!!!!! Obviously this guide is a spoiler. So if you wanna beat the game yourself then don't look here. Of course if you wanted to beat the game yourself why are you looking here? So read on if you need help.

If you need further help you may e-mail me at this address:


STORYLINE: Harry Mason is taking a late vacation to Silent Hill with his daughter Cheryl. As there driving down the road they see a motorcycle ride by them. Later down the road they once again see the motorcycle dumped on the side of the road. When Harry looks up agian there is a figure and he swerves away. Crashing. Thus the game bgins....

FMV: Harry wakes up in the car to find his daughter missing. He then gets out to look.

You now have control of Harry. There are no monsters now so don't worry. Just continue forward until you see another FMV.

FMV: Cheryl is seen through the fog. The camera then gets a closer shot of her.

Now follow Cheryl. You should end up in a narrow alley lined by what look like garages. Run all the way down and there will be a gate. Walk through. There is only one way to go. However after walking through the second gate things will become dark and Harry will light a flare. Continue on and there will be a wheelchair. Also notice how the music becomes louder as you continue on. Keep going and you'll come upon a dead body impounded on a fence. After looking at it. Baby zombies will come out of know where. You can't fight back. So just let them kill you.

FMV: Harry wakes up in a cafe and a cop walks forward crossing her arms.

CAFE: You will have a long talk with the cop, Cybil. She will give you her gun. Now don't leave look around and grab the flash light, the map of the residential area, and two health drinks. Now equip your gun and try to leave. Suddenly the red radio on the desk will start making noise. Harry will check it out, then behind him a window will shatter, then in front of him the window will shatter and a bird enemy will appear.

MUTATED BIRD: These birds will fly around and try to scratch your head. They take three to four shots with the pistol to bring em down. ALWAYS KICK THE ENEMY AFTER HE FALLS TO THE GROUND. Otherwise they won't die. To kick em walk up to them and press X. This bird you won't need to kick. Now grab the radio and leave.

CONVIENCE STORE: Harry will mark the alley where he was "killed" and you must now return there armed. Before you do. Grab the two boxes of bullets off the bench. Now if you want you can head to the convience store. (Check the Map) TIP: The map is probly the most useful item. Everytime you enter a new area look for the map. In the Convience store there is a Save Point, three health drinks and a first aid kit. Now head towards the alley.

ENEMIES ON THE STREETS: The dogs are easy to dodge just stay on the streets. No reason to kill em all. It wastes bullets. The birds can be annoying and only kill them if they continuously bother you. Don't kill them if your heading inside somewhere. They won't follow you.

THE ALLEY: Your back here. Don't worry no baby zombies with knives anymore. That area is now blocked off. Now there are two dogs.

MUTATED DOGS: Easy. Two shots bring em down. Then kick them. Also easy to dodge. You might want to kill these two though.

After going through the two gates. You'll find to boxes of bullets. A steel pipe, and Cheryl's notebook. With a page saying TO SCHOOL. Now Harry will circle the school on the map. This, to you, will probly mean head towards the school. DON'T! Every street to the school has been destroyed. So how do you get there? Head to the end of Matheson St. It will be destroyed. However there will be two sheets of paper with words on them. DOG HOUSE, LEVIN ST.

THE DOG HOUSE: When you come to Levin street. Check the upper part of the street on the left side. Soon you'll see a house with a dog house and a couple of dogs in front of it. Kill the dogs then look inside the doghouse. You will find a key to the house behind it. When you enter you'll find two boxes of bullets and a Save Point. Check the door in the very back. It will be locked. Three times actually. Now look at the map near it. There will be an arrow pointing, a line, and a circle. This indicates where the three keys are. So leave the house and start the search.

THE THREE KEYS: The first key you should look for is the line behind the cafe. So run there (it should be in an alley)and check near the middle of it. You should see a gate. Enter it and you'll be in a basketball court with a bloody dog's head. Check the white spot next to it to get the first key. Now leave the alley and head to where the arrow is pointing. Continue all the way down until you see a police car. There should be a box of bullets on the road. In the trunk is the second key. Now head to the circled spot. It leads to a destroyed road. But look around and there should be a wooden plank leading to a house with an open mail box. Check the mail box for the third key.

THE DARK ALLEY BEHIND THE DOG HOUSE: Head back to the doghouse and use the three keys on the door. Things will become dark now, and Harry will turn on the flashlight. You can turn it off by pressing the O button. Why should you? You have a less of a chance of being seen by an enemy. However you can barely see your self. Head down the alley where there are lots of bird enemies. Continue down some more, until you can't go down anymore then head towards the school.

MIDWHICH ELEMENTARY: Dodge the dogs in front and head inside the school. There is a map when you come in. Make sure you grab it. You will need it alot. There are two types of monsters around the school.

BABY ZOMBIES: These are the guys that killed you in the begining. Now you can fight back. They take three hits. Kick them after they fall.

GHOST FIGURES: WHAT THE HELL DO THESE GUYS DO! They don't hurt you, and after a while they trip and die! Don't even try shooting them. I still haven't figured out why Konami even put them in the game.

All right here we go.

FLOOR 1: The Infrimy is where the one and only Save Point is. So head there. Also grab the health drink and the first aid kit. Now head towards the receptionist. Check all the books. They give clues on the clock tower puzzle. Yes the school has it's very own courtyard and clock tower. Pretty nice compared to mine. Anyway you can head to the door behind the receptionist desk. Inside is a picture of a door and a box of bullets. Now head right through the courtyard, killing the zombie if you want too. Out on the other side. Take the far right door. Not the double doors, they are locked. You will be in the hall. Head through, and when you come out you will be on the other side. Now unlock the double doors and go through them. Now head all the way to the other double doors and take those. Go up the stairs. Here is where you can find the gold and silver medalions.

FLOOR 2: Head through the first double doors. You will now be in a room with three doors. Take the first one. Look around the room and take the chemical. Now leave and head through the next door. Check the hand statue. Under it is the gold medallion. Now use the chemicle on it and take the prize.

CLOCK TOWER: Before you can get the second medal, you first must place the gold medal in the clock tower. Once you did that head back up. But instead of going back through the double doors that led to the hand. Head all the way down the hall to the last double doors. Head through and take the first door in the new room.

PIANO PUZZLE: There is a poem in blood on the wall. This gives you the clues on what keys to hit on the piano. Some keys will make a dead click. THESE ARE THE ONES YOU WANT TO HIT. Below is the poem. If you want to figure it out yourself don't scroll beneath the poem. The words in the poem that I thought were the clues are all CAPALTILIZED. So here it is:

FIRST flew the greedy Pelican eager for the reward whit wings flailing

Then came the silent dove flying beyond the Pelican as FAR as he could

A raven flies in flying HIGHER than the Dove just to show he can

A swan glides in to find a peaceful spot NEXT to another BIRD

Finally out comes a crow coming quickly to a stop yawning and then napping

Who will show the way Who will be the key Who will lead to The silver reward.

Still can't figure it out. Well okay, it is sorta hard to solve. So here is the order you should press the keys. Count the keys in the order from left to right. Make sure to include the black keys. Here it is: Third key (white), Tenth key (white), Eleventh key (black), 8th key, (white) and the Second key (black) Now the reward will fall out. Now place the medal in the clock tower.

BOILER ROOM: Remeber the hall, and the door you unlocked on floor one. Head through the door and walk all the way down til you see the stairs. Head down and you'll be in the basement. Head to the only unlocked door and you can turn on the boiler. (You couldn't before you placed in the two medals) Now head back to the clock tower and you can open the door. Head on through.

ALTERNATE SCHOOL: When you come out again, you will be standing in the courtyard and there is now a huge symbol in the middle of it. After Harry checks it out you can move again. The door leading to the infrimary is now jammed. So head the other way. When you come out head to the door directly in front of you. You will now be in a room with a large fan and some items grab the items and leave.

THE CLASSROOM KEY: Now head to the door to the right of it. You should be in a store room and at the end you will be blocked by tables. There will be a super ball on one of them grab it then leave. Now head back to the door on the other side of the fan room. You will be in the hall again. Leave through the other door. Now you will be in another hall. You will be blocked by a gate so head through the classroom. MAKE SURE TO SEARCH THE TABLE FOR A KEY CARD!! Now go through the next classroom then out. You now think you can get to the boiler room. WRONG!! There is another locked gate so head through the double doors and you will be back in the hall with the receptionist desk. UNLOCK THE DOOR LEADING TO THE COURTYARD IT COULD SAVE TIME!! Save!! Then go through the receptionist door. Remember the picture of the door. Well now it's a real door. Use the key card on it. Now you should be facing the bathroom. Enter the boys bathroom and open the stall for the SHOTGUN!! (YAY!!) If you continue up there will be another damn gate. So head through the teacher rooms. In the one with the phones when you try to leave you will get a call. After the sequence leave and head to the stairs. Unlock the double doors first. Head up to the roof. Don't worry no enemies. Look on the right side and you will come upon a draining pipe. In the first hole there is a hanging key you can't reach. The other hole before it is empty. PLace the rubber ball in it and then turn the valve on so the water rushes dow the hole with the key. Now the key will be gone. Where? The courtyard. Look in the courtyard for the key.

LIBRARY RESERVE KEY: Head back down the stairs so your on the second floor. Go all the way back to the locker room. There will be a noise. Check it out. All I can say is this scared me. After what happens. (Don't want to spoil it) Check the body and you will get the key for the Library reserve.

TO THE BOILER ROOM: Head back up to the hallway where the lab was. Use the key on the last door. Head through the library reserve. YOu will see a book. Read it it gives you the clue on how to beat the boss. Then head through the library then you will come out to yet another gate. Use the classroom key and head through both class rooms getting the shotgun bullets! Now you can finally head all the way down to the boiler room. In it there are two valves. Every time you turn one the spiked wall in front of you turns. Your goal? Make the spiked open to let you through. In order to do this turn the left valve once and the right one twice.

THE LIZARD BOSS!!: When you enter the room you will see a flaming body and the boss behind it. Shoot the boss with your pistol, dodge the attack where it jumps at you and keep shooting til it opens his mouth really wide. (Believe me you'll see it) Remember the book? Switch to your shotgun and shoot it in the mouth and it'll die.

FMV: Harry will see a girl in the darkness. She will disappear and the boiler room will appear behind her.

BACK IN THE NORMAL SCHOOL: When you are able to move again look on the floor to find the K. Gordon key. You should notice three. (Definately one since Harry mentions it.) 1. The church bell is ringing. 2. You no longer need your flashlight. Everything is "happy" again. 3. No more enemies in the school. So it's safe to just run and leave the school. Save before you do.

TO THE CHURCH: Return to the alley at the very bottom. DO NOT HEAD BACK THROUGH THE DOGHOUSE!! Look around the alleys until you find another gate. For a little bit there are very few enemies. It will lead to another house in which you must use the K. Gordon key to get through. Save in the house then exit through the front. Now head down another alley and go west to the church. Then enter it.

FMV: The person ringing the bell turns around and looks at you.

After a talking segmant Save on the desk in the front. Then grab the drawbridge key and Flauros off the altar. Then leave. You may go to the gas station if you want. Then head towards the drawbridge area. Once you reach the little house you can go in the top or bottom. In the bottom is a rock drill, but you can only use this in NEXT FEAR mode. So head up to the top and grab the items, save, and head to the back and use the drawbridge key. Now head across the drawbridge and you will be in central Silent Hill. Head towards the Police Station

POLICE STATION: Why here first? Bullets. You'll be needing them for the hospital. There is also a chalkboared with a message and a paper talking about the death of a police man by a heart attack. Now leave and head towards the Hospital.

HOSPITAL: When you head through the gates two dogs will attack you. Kill them then head in the hospital. Save at the desk then walk forward. You will here a gunshot. Yes someone else is here head to the first door and you will meet with Dr. Kaufman.

FMV: Kaufman is pointing his gun at a dead bird monster he looks up at you.

After a short sequnce your on your own for the rest of the hospital. Head through the door next to you and the one after that. You should now be behind the desk. Grab the map and the First Aid Kit then head back to the room where you met Kaufman. Now head through the other door. After another door you'll be in a hall way with many doors. Head to the doctors office and get the basement map. Now head to the conference room and get the basement key. Head to the kitchen and get the plastic bottle, then to the directors office to pick up some red liquid. Now head down into the basement. Three cockroaches will be there to attack you.

ROACHES: One shot one kick. Easy enough.

Now head to the GENERATOR ROOM and turn on the power to the elevators. Now head to the elevator and choose the second floor. Check the door and it will be jammed. Try the third floor and try the door. It too will be jammed. Now head back into the elevator and choose the fourth floor. (It just appeared) Say goodbye to the "normal" hospital you'll be gone for quite a while.

ALTERNATE HOSPITAL 4TH FLOOR: No enemies yet. Turn on that flashlight and head through the doors. They will lock behind you. Every door is jammed except for the next double doors. They too will lock behind you. Now you may run down to the thrird floor.

THIRD FLOOR: You can use your map now. Check it often. The only enemies here are the nurse zombies.

ZOMBIES: There are two annoying things about these guys. 1. They take too long to kill with the handgun. 2. they run fast for dead people. Just blast away. If you got the Bad + ending you might want to use the Katana since in Next Fear mode you only get 15 bullets a pack instead of 30.

Go into the boys bathroom and check the back for a Plate. Now head thorugh the double doors leading over to the store rooms. Kill the zombie creatures and head into the store room. Make sure you get the blood pack. Head to room 306 to get another plate and unlock the door to the elevator. Go through and head down to the first floor. Go into the directors room to get another plate and SAVE!! Those unknown crashes are scarin me! Any way head up the stairs to floor two. Head to room 204. There will be snake monsters licking blood. Don't bother shooting them use your blood pack to move them out of the way. You now have your last Plate! Go to room 201 I belive to get the lighter. Head to the Nurses Center. There is a riddle on the wall and a door with four inditations. You must put the plates in the correct spots. Read on if you need help.

The BLUE Plate: Upper Right

The YELLOW Plate: Lower Left

The GREEN Plate: Lower Right

The RED Plate Upper Left

THE FIRST KEY: Before you head through you might wanna equip the shotgun. There are plenty of zombies behind that door. First order of business unlock the door leading to the elevator. BUT DONT GO DOWN YET!! Head to the Operating room for the basement storeroom key. Then to the Intensive Care room to pick up the disenfecting alcohol. Now use the elevator to the basement.

BASEMENT: In the Generator room is a hammer. Unlock the door and head in the storeroom grabbing the items. Push the cabinet to reveal a secret passage way. Head through it to come to a grate covered with vines. Pour the alcohol over them then burn em with your lighter. Now head down to the unknown.

SECRET PASSAGEWAY: All the doors are jammed so head through the different colored one. It's sort of camouflaged with the wall around it. MORE ZOMBIES HERE! Try every door. In one there will be a video tape. You could watch it now but it's not that important and not necessary. Now head to the last door on the left I think.. in there should be the Examination Room Key. Head back up to floor 1 and into the examination room.

FMV: Harry searches around the room with his flashlight. There is a nurse under the table. Seeing him she runs up and hugs him.

After a long sequence with the nurse, Lisa. You'll be in the normal hospital with the church lady, Dahliha. After she talks pick up the Antique shop key. Look at it through the menu so Harry will mark it on the map. Save before you leave then head to the Antique shop.

ANTIQUE SHOP: Head thorough the door and the one after that using the key. Now save and push another cabinet to reveal a hole. Cybil will now come and talk to you for a while. Head through after and Harry should look at the alter. When you try to leave it will burst into flames. Cybil will then come in but Harry is gone.



These are all the puzzles summed up in Silent Hill. Starting with the school.

1: Statue Of Hand: Poor acid on it. Get the acid in the room to the left of it.

2. The piano keys are as followed: 3,10,11,8,2


1. To get the snakes away us the blood pack

2. The order of the pieces that go in the door in the Nurses Center are as followed. The RED plate in the TOP LEFT. The BLUE plate in the TOP RIGHT. The GREEN plat in the BOTTOM RIGHT. The YELLOW plate in the BOTTOM LEFT.

3. In order to get rid of the vines. Pour the alcohol on them then light them with your lighter.

Antique Shop:

1. You can push the cabinet over.


1. Your radio does not work down here! DAMN! So listen up!


1. Actually this has to do with the hospital. Go to the kitchen in the normal hospital and get the plastic bottle. Then go to the directors room and scoop up the red liquid. In your fight with Cybil throw it on her to save her. This affects the + or no + ending in the game.


1. In the Zodiac room, the numbers from left to right are as followed: 6, 4, 8

2. The code on the door is ALERT

3. In order to get the key in the clock use the time stone you recive from the zodiac puzzle.


5. Use the camera on the pictures in the "other church" part of nowhere. Then press the buttons on the door so that they match the three symbols the camera created.

6. Unlock EVERY jammed door before turning off the elevators power.


1. Bad: Gas can, and Chainsaw or Rock Drill.

2. Bad +: Same as above

3. Good: Katana

4. Good+: Channeling Stone

5: UFO: Hyper Blaster.

The Gas can is in the Gas station. The rock drill is in the bridge area. The chain saw is in the chainsaw store. The Katana is in the Doghouse The Channeling Stone is in the Convience store The Hyper Blaster you automatically get.


1. Bad: Don't do the Kaufman part and don't save Cybil 2. Bad+: Don't do the Kaufman part but do save Cybil. 3. Good: Do the Kaufman part but don't save Cybil. 4. Good+: Do the Kaufman part and do save Cybil. 5. UFO: Use the Channeling stone in the five places. (see below)


1. On the roof of the Alternate school. 2. Right outside the hospital. (Before you fight the really big moth boss) 3. Norman's Motel in front of apartments 4. On the bridge of the boat 5. Roof ontop the lighthouse. Something weird will happen and in the next game you will have the best weapon the HYPER BLASTER!!!


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This is how to get the GOOD ending. SORRY MORE COMING SOON THOUGH!!!