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What's with the Hot Springs??

There are two different Hot Springs. One for boys, and one for girls. The Boys one is right before Meryod Forest. The girl's is harder to get to. You have to get through the Forbidden Forest, where powerful enemy's reside. You need Soap to use the springs though. You can buy soap on the ship to Merbia, also later you are forced to get Soap, and you can find soap in the Cave of Trials. Each Spring shows two scenes, that are shown much like looking at Bromides. If you want to go to the girls spring early. Read Below. ALthough it's a little cheap.

Forbidden Forest

You must beat the first bush. Use your Fire Dragon Power, Nash's Thunder Thrust, Mia's Blizzard, Kyle's Sonic Riser, and attack with Jessica. When you fight the next enemy, run away with every character separately. One should escape. Notice how you'll blinking. Run as fast as possible and as far as you can to the end. Try not to get trapped by enemies. And Save before you try this. Good Luck!


There are a total of 13 Bromides in the game. What do they do? Basically nothing, there just there to find. If you use them it actually shows the picture, and some raise your stats a little bit. But if your trying to find everything, here they are in the order you can collect them.

Mia's Bromide
Nash has this equipped when you get him.

Phacia's Bromide
Right after the sequence with the crystal tower. (In which Xenobia and the Vile Tribe reveal themselves.) Go to Althena's Shrine and talk to the lady all the way in the back.

Luna's Bromide
After the sequence where Luna gets kidnapped go back to Alex's house and check the shelf in the basements with the chests.

Royce's Bromide
Right after Mel turns to stone talk to one of the magicians on Black Street in Merebia.

Jessica's Bromide
After the sequence where Kyle dresses up as a woman then reveals himself. He won't automatically join you, you must talk to him. Before you do go to Kyle's bed and search it for this one.

Jessica's Bromide 2
After Kyle joins go to Althena's Shrine and talk to the guy who thinks Jessica is his sister.

Jessica's Bromide 3
Two parts to this.
1. After you reach Lann Island go back to the boat guy and talk to him. He'll say you can use his boat anytime.
2.After Alex becomes a Dragonmaster go to Lann and talk to the man who lent you his boat to get Jess's Bromide.

Mia's Bromide 2
After Nash destroys the engine of the airship Myght built, but before you give him the new one go to Illuk and talk to the Hot Girl News editor guy.

Xenobia's Bromide
After the Grindery takes off. Go back to the mine where you helped the worker. One of the workers will give you this.

Mia's Bromide 3
When Vane is being evacuated find the classroom in the lower right of the Magic Guild, one of the students will give it to you.

Luna's Bromide 2
Ramus will give this to you in the ending

Mia and Jessica's Bromide 4
If you talked to the man upstairs in the weapon shop in Burg in the very beggining, and loaned him the money Ramus owed him. Ramus will give you these in the end too.

The Red Chests

The Red Chests cannot be open until you join the Theives Guild in Reza. Don't worry you have to join to continue in the game. So if you can't remember where the chests are read on. Also don't bother with the chest in Ramus's house. NEW VANE RED CHEST!!!!

1. Burg
Where: Ramus's House
Inside: Garbage Can Lid (yay! great treasure huh?)

2. Weird Woods
Where: A corner in the northeast (I think)
Inside: Wrath Ring

3. Saith
Where: Third house in the first row of houses
Inside: Protection Ring

4. Old Hag's House
Where: Downstairs
Inside: Silver Light

5. Merbia
Where: House below jewel shop (Ramus's shop)
Inside: 1000 or 2000 Silver

6. Merbia
Where: Merbia Sewers (after you beat water dragon, go to the combat part of the mansion and take the lower exit.)
Inside: Silver Light

7. Vane
Where: Cave of Trials 2nd area of the caves
Inside: Soap

8. Vane
Where: Behind Goddess Statue...Go to the right side of the satue and press X to open it
Inside: Devil Pendent

9. Nanza
Where: Bedroom area at the very bottom
Inside: Crystal Pendent

10. Nanza Area
Where: South Nanza Pass (After you get Kyle)
Inside: Silver Light

11. Lann
Where: Behind 2nd house
Inside: Silver Light

12. Reza
Where: West part of town
Inside: Silver Light (you'll be thankful for all of these)

13. Meryod Forest
Where: Northwest corner
Inside: Fortune Ring

14. Meryod
Where: Southern Area behind a house
Inside: Silver Light

That's all I've found. If you have found anymore E-mail me , and I'll post them up.

Really Good Items

All of these items are hard to find and are obtained much later in the game, but are well worth finding. I have found 4 really good items, if you know of any more E-mail me.

1. Ghaleon's Tear
Where: Lann
How to Obtain: After you become a Dragonmaster go to Lann and talk to the mayor, choose option one. After Vane gets destroyed talk to the Mayor again.
What makes it special: Your normal attacks will hit every enemy!

2. Remembreizer
Where: Ramus's Shop
How to Obtain: Talk to Ramus after Nash Betrays you.
What makes it special: You can view any past movie sequence

3. Hell Ring
Where: Damon's Tower
How to Obtain: Talk to Damon after Vane gets destroyed.
What makes it special: Cuts the MP magic takes off by half. (ie. 40MP would equal 20MP)

4. Gale Ring
Where: Reza
How to Obtain: Talk to Lily three times after Vane gets destroyed
What makes it special: You get an extra attack.

That's all the really good items I've found!!