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Main Characters

ALEX is the MAIN CHARACTER. He is a very good fighter and is usually the one that beats the bosses.

Story for Alex: Quick skip down if you don't want to read it!! Alex will become a Dragonmaster and finds out that Luna is Althena. Set on saving her he heads for Althenas Fortress to rescue her.

Sword Dance
Explosion Staff
Flash Cut
Dragon Protect
Dragon Anger
Dragon Healing
Dragon Grief

LUNA is Alex's childhood friend and soon to be girlfriend. Luna is only used for part of the game, and can be of great help.

Story for Luna: She gets captured by Ghaleon and ends up being the goddess Althena. Theres litle hints that led up to this.

Healing Song
Temptation Song
Purity Song
Cascade Song
Tranquil Song
Escape Song

Ramus is a decent charcter, but can't use magic and is usually the last character to go. You use him up to the sewer parts of Merbia.

Ramus's Story: He comes with you and gets his own shop in Meribia which becomes VERY popular. Looks like he will become a millionaire.

NALL is Alex's faithful compainion, with an attitude. He will sometimes revive dead characters

Nall's Story: Nall was given to Alex as a young boy. He gets Alex into alot of trouble with Luna in the beggining. This little critter also is another White Dragon.

JESSICA is a great character. Decent attack and takes the job of healing also.

Jessica's Story: She just broke up with Kyle (again) when you meet her. She of course ends up getting back up with him by the end of the adventure.

Heal Litany
Calm Litany
Saint Litany
Althena Litany
Maricle Litany
Cleanse Litany
Fear Litany
Escape Litany

NASH is your main attack magician. He has some decent spells and can cause status effects on the enemies.

Nash's Story: The 'lil traitor is conceited. He's been reportin to Ghaleon through Royce about your moves. He'll end up coming back after Mia gives him a good slap in the face. He ends up with Mia at the end. (I still hate him)

Thunder Bomb
Stone Spell
Thunder Bolt
Thunder Thrust
Spark Ball
Magic Box

MIA is also and attack magician with some useful spells that hit all enemys and a spell that'll raise a characters attack power.

Mia's Story: Mia is the next leader of the Magic Guild of Vane. In the end she becomes the leader and is in charge of rebuilding Vane

Flame Bomb
Flame Circle
Power Drive
Ice Lance
Ice Wall
Ice Shell

KYLE is another great character. With great attack power, however slower than Alex, also good magic.

Kyle's Story: A theif put up at Nanza Pass by Mel. He has eyes for Jessica yet is always fighting with her. He ends up getting back together and happily ever after with her. (I think)

Power Slash
Power Sweep
Sonic Riser
Power Up

That's all of the Main Characters, that you use. Now some others!!

Bad Guys

GHALEON or Magic Emperor Ghaleon is the Main Evil guy of the game along with some others. When you do use him he has great magic abilities, but you'll be fighting him at the end.

Ghaleon's Story: Ghaleon isn't what he seems. He kidnaps Luna and all the dragons.

THE VILE TRIBE consits of Royce, Phacia and there seemingly leader Xenobia. Also a ton of monsters. They were banished by Althena to the Frontier and fight alongside Ghaleon to regain freedom.

Vile Tribes Story: They were banished to the frontier. And want revenge on Althena. Xenobia seems to love Ghaleon. Phacia ends up turning good again and brings the Vile Tribe back to peace.

TABEN is an evil inventor who built the grindery. Not much is known about him.

No story here

Now for supporting characters. Pics from

Supporting Characters

DMASTER Dyne: is Alex's rolemodel, how he died is unknown.

DragonMaster Dyne's Story: He helped Althena become a baby again and now everyone thinks he's dead but in reaity he is Laike

LAIKE: is a mysterious person who helps out the group a few times, and then takes off. He also tells the group useful information.

QUARK is the mighty and wise, White Dragon. Alex first meets this dragon on a quest with Ramus, and later returns with Ghaleon.

The RED DRAGON is the second dragon Alex meets. Not much is known since his body was stolen by Ghaleon.

The BLUE DRAGON is the third one Alex meets. This dragon is even more obnoxious than Nall, and talks alot. Also interrupts when Mia trys to tell him about the other dragons.

The BLACK DRAGON is the last one Alex meets, this dragon's body is being controlled by Ghaleon and is forced to fight against you!

MASTER HEL MEL is one of the four heros, and ex-pirate and founder of the town Merbia.

LEMIA is a master magician and one of the four hero's. She works with Ghaleon at Vane's Magic Guild. Anything she says, goes.

TEMPEST and FRESCA are from the Parie Tribe. They save you from an attack by Xenobia, and later become friends. Tempest joins your team for a short bit.

DAMON is the keeper of all knowledge and has locked himself up in a tower filled with monsters and puzzels.

MYGHT is a inventor also in a tower, although he doesn't have the best hygeine, he will help the team greatly, by building an airship.

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