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The thing about bosses, is that leveling up doesn't actually help you beat them. You however, may learn new more powerful attacks that will make the boss easier. Bosses have a set amount of everything. It's all taken of Alex's stats. For instance the bosses have 80x Alex's HP, and 2x his attack power. And so on. For what attacks you should use and any help you need, read on.

This is the first boss in the game. Saline Slimer.



Boss 1: Saline Slimer
Level I was on= 11
Difficulty: Easy

Have Alex use Sword Dance on the second turn and keep using it til the boss dies. On the first turn have Alex attack, Luna use Cascade song on Alex, Ramus attack, and Nash use Thunder Bomb. Also have some items on Ramus, just in case. With Luna, cure if needed, otherwise attack or use another Cascade song on Alex. If he traps your guys in the slime, you just have to wait. The annoying thing is this guy cures. So if he traps many guys in the slime, you might want to restart.

Boss 2: Water Dragon
Level I was on=14
Difficulty: Medium

This boss can be a pain since he can poison your guys with his normal attack. His Fire Breath does about 50 to one character. Luna will be healing alot, so equip a Star Light on Ramus. Use Cascade song on Alex, and have Alex use Sword Dance. Ramus should attack for a little extra damage.

Boss 3: Trouble Trouffler (I think that's his name)
Level I was on=15
Difficulty: Easy

Since you can't use items, don't use MP if you don't need to. Have Luna use Cascade Song and have Alex use Sword Dance. If he runs out just attack. The boss should go down in 6 turns. Cure when needed.

Boss 4: Dragonmaster Zoc
Level I was on=17
Difficulty: Easy

Actually you fight the giant Frog D. Zoc is sitting on. Have Jessica cure when needbe or attack. Nash should use Thunder Bomb. Alex use Sword Dance. Luna should use Cascade Song on Alex or cure if you want Jessica to attack. After a little bit he should die. Just watch out for his pounding attack.

Boss 5: 4 Gargoyles
Level I was on=17
Difficulty: Easy

These four aren't too hard, Use Flash Cut, Thunder Bomb, Blizzard, and cure with Luna when needed. They should be dead quickly.

Boss 6: Vile Crustacion
Level I was on=17
Difficulty: Medium

This guy can be a pain, since Nash and Mia can't do anything to it. It's ALL Alex in this battle. Use Vigor on him then Sword Dance. Mia can cast Ice Wall to raise defense of others, or attack with Fire Rod. Jessica should cure when needed or attack. Have Nash use a Fire Cane also. It might take a while, but you should win. Also you might want to put some Star Lights on Jessica.

Boss 7: Plaster Mel
Level I was on=18
Difficulty: Easy

Kyle fights this boss one on one however it's simple and you shouldn't need to cure. However put some healing items on Kyle just in case. First use Kyle's Power Up attack, then Power Strike until the boss dies.

Boss 8: 2 Gargoyles
Level I was on=30
Difficulty: Medium

Always concentrate on one of the Gargoyle Dogs. When there flaming there going to do an attack to hit all so prepare. Use Power Drive on Kyle, and Vigor on Alex. The have Mia use Power Drive on Alex. Jessica should cure, and Nash should use his Lightning attacks. When one goes down it's a sinch.

Boss 9: Xenobia's Cronies
Level I was on=31
Difficulty: Easy

Just use Flash Slash, Thunder Thrust, Sonic Riser, and Blizzard for both the battles, then Tempest will save you.

Boss 10: Tempest
Level I was on=31
Difficulty: Easy

Use Vigor then Sword Dance. That's all. That's how easy he is. You shouldn't need to cure at all.

Boss 11: Black Dragon
Level I was on=34
Difficulty: Hard

This is a tough battle. The Dragon can do some major damage, and you dont' have Jessica to heal! Make sure you put some Healing Nuts and Star Lights on your characters. Use Vigor then Sword Dance, this battle will be all Alex also. Hve the others attack or use the items when needed. Good Luck!

Boss 12: Shadow Spectre
Level I was on=39
Difficulty: Easy

Is it just me or did this boss take a while. Use Power Drive on Kyle, have Alex use Vigor than Sword Dance, Jessica should cure or attack, Kyle should use Power Slash, and Mia should use Flameria or Power Drive on a character. Cure at Althena's statue when your done.

Boss 13: Magic Masher
Level I was on=39
Difficulty: Easy

It's Nash in a Chicken Suit!! This boss is easy. Do the usual with Alex, and Kyle. Have Mia use Power Drive or Flameria. Jessica should attack or cure. Nash's Thunder Bomb or physical attack barely hurts. But watch out for Thunder Thrust. It deals alot!

Boss 14: Ghaleon
Level I was on=39
Difficulty: Medium

It's not the Final Boss yet. You gain experience. Remember all the magic attacks Ghaleon used when he was with you. Now he'll use them against you. Jessica will be curing alot. You may need a Silver Light, also Star Lights and Healing Nuts. Have Alex use Vigor, then Sword Dance, have Mia use Power Drive on either Alex or Kyle, and attack with Flameria. Use Power Drive with Kyle, Nash should use Thunder Bolt, and Jessica will most likely be curing.

Boss 15: Royce
Level I was on=44
Difficulty: Hard

This battle can be especially annoying since 2 of your characters will be asleep until attacked. Remember attacks do more damage when the character is sleeping. Do the normal with Alex. Mia should Power Drive Kyle and Alex. Kyle should use Power Strike or any items on him if needed. Nash should use items if needed ot Thunder Bolt. Jessica should cure or revive dead characters. Go all out an Althena Statue is in the next room.

Boss 16: Xenobia
Level I was on=48
Diffculty: Hard

Do the normal with Alex, Mia and Kyle. Nash should use Thunder Bolt or Star Lights if needed. Jessica should revive dead characters or cure. Alex may have to use Dragon Healing since Xenobia can Stone characters. If Jessica dies have Nash or Mia use an Angel Tear on her. Just fight on and good luck. When your done SAVE then go back to the nearest Althena statue. Dodge all monsters unless building up. In the next room is Ghaleon.

Final Boss: Ghaleon
Level I was on=49
Difficulty: HARD

Ghaleon is paticularly annoying since he uses 2 magic attacks a turn. Greatly damaging your characters. Alex will most likely be using Dragon Healing often! He also has an attack the kills one of your characters, so be cautious using Power Drives. He also can summon two orbs that sheild him. The lack of Alex attacking and all this make this boss espicially long and challenging. For Alex I used Dragon Healing, and Sword Dance when I could. For Kyle I used Power Slash. For Nash I used Thunder Bolt. For Jessica I attacked or cured. For Mia I used Power Drive on Kyle and attacked with her Flame attack that only hits one character. For each character have Silver Lights, and maybe some Star Lights. Use those items when needed. I had none left when I finished and 3 of my characters were dead. Nash won the battle using a Thunder Bolt. After you win SAVE you CAN and probably WILL die in the next part in which you climb up the stairs to meet Luna. You can Save so do it! Otherwise it's Ghaleon all over again!!

That's every boss. Congratulations if you beat Ghaleon! The Pic is from