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Soooo: What's New! (August 20th, 1999)

This web page is dedicated to Lunar in General. Since Lunar: Eternal Blue hasen't come out on Playstation yet and I don't have a Sega Saturn the page will focus on Lunar: SSSC. All the different links wil be at the bottom so be sure to check them out! If you have any questions or coments about the site or game E-mail me!

Lunar Quiz

New Quiz!!! If you want to see the answers to the old one or see the winners click on Winners and Answers below the quiz!


1. What does Kyle build with the clay in Damon's Tower?

2. What is the very first enemy you meet?

3. What is in the other treasure chest in the room with the Dragon Ring in the Whit Dragon's Cave?

Send in the answers!

People who get the answers right will have their screenname posted up. Try as many times as you want! The answers will be posted once a new quiz is posted. Then I will not accept any answers for the older quiz.

Winners and Answers





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