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WELCOME! This is the walkthrough for Legends. This game will take you a long time and should hold you over until FFVIII comes out. This is a spoiler, so read on at your own risk.

  • Rim Elm
  • Hunters Spring and Drakes Castle
  • Snowdrift cave and Mt. Rikura
  • Biron Monastary and the West Voz Forest
  • Biron Monastary and the East Voz Forest
  • Zeto's Castle
  • Ancient Wind Cave and Jerimi
  • Vidna and Octam
  • Underground Octam
  • Next Genesis Tree
  • No more mist on Succubus
  • Sol and Buma
  • Time SpaceBombs that blow up to early ;)
  • The Soren
  • No More Mist
  • Stop Songi!!
  • Save the World.......Again


    Rim Elm

    You start off at the Genesis tree of Rim Elm. Walk up, and Mei will talk to you. She will leave to your house. Follow her and she'll measure you. Leave and head to the beach. Talk to the man in red and say you want to practice with him. After that the hunters will return. Now after the sequence, go to your house and talk to your father. Go to sleep. When you wake up. Something (of course) will be happening to the wall. Talk to the mayor. The wall will burst and the mist will come in. Head to the genesis tree. Walk up to it. After the sequence, head to Mei's house. Then to yours. Everyone will gather at the tree, and it will grow. Now Rim Elm is safe of the mist. Now you can head out towards the Hunter's Spring.


    Hunters Spring and Drakes Castle

    Head forward until you come to a blue area. Head into it. After the sequence talk to Leezam and he'll tell you about Drake Castle. Read the statues, grab the chest, refresh yourself at the spring then leave. (NOTE: Head back to Rim Elm, go upstairs in the item shop and open the drawer for the Point Card) At the castle head into it and then up. You'll come to a locked door with a door on each side. The left door has the key. This puzzle will keep repeating. Try to absorb some guys whil you are here. You can rest near the kings room, and get the mountain key in the left door of the throne room. Now head up to Mt. Rikura.


    Snowdrift Cave and Mt. Rikura

    Now you'll be playing as Noa, trapped in a cave with a talking wolf. First you'll have to answer some questions. All of them are easy. Then you'll get to fight. Gain some experiance here. After the second battle talk to Terra the wolf, to learn an art. After your done fighting talk to Terra and something will happen to the cave. Follow Terra and leave out the hole. Your now on Mt. Rikura. This is a great place to build exp. since Terra cannot die. So continue down the straightforward path until you reach the genesis tree. Noa will then get attacked by the first boss. Now you switch to Vahn. This path is fairly straight forward with one split in the road leading to an intersection. Save, because the boss is coming up. I recommend being on level 6 for Vahn and Noa. See boss section for more help. After that head back down and to Drake Castle. Talk to everyone and search the kings room for the Platinum Card. Now head to the water gate use the key and grab the chest for Noa's First Hyper Art. Now it's off to Biron Monastary.


    Biron Monastary and the West Voz Forest

    After the sequenceces with Zopu and Maya head to the girls bedroom upstairs. Noa will talk with Maya. Then head to Zopu's room. (Right by the two monks standing at each door) This will initiate the party. Zopu will ask if you can revive each genesis tree in the forests. No matter what you pick your be stuck with the West Voz Forest first. Head on out the door with Maya standing nearby. In the forest. Head up until you reach the second open area. Take the green caves to get the Fertilizer and other items. Now head straight until you reach a small plant. Use the fertilizer on it. Continue straight until you reach the genesis tree. Only it's DEAD! Oh no! After the sequene. Leave the forest and head to the Minonstary.


    Biron Monastary and the East Voz Forest

    Biron is now trashed. Gala will leave temporairly. He'll be back when you can leave to the East Voz Forest. The Mist is in and many lay dead on the floor. Who did this? You'll find out soon enough. Head to the room with the save point. This is the only safe place. You can build up your levels or magic around this door and then heal inside of it. Check the door to the right of it for a sequnce with Maya. Now head out to the East Voz Forest. This forest is completely straight. With one must turn to get the Weed Hammer. Build Noa up to level 10 so she can use a good Super Art. Save then head up to the genesis tree. Songi will appear, with a Ra-Seru on his arm. He'll send Two Viguro on you. See boss section for more help. After beating them. Gala will get Ozma and the genesis tree will be revived. Time to head to Zeto's Castle.


    Zeto's Castle

    Try to get all the chests in the first area. Before you enter you may want to buy a water ring, since Zeto uses water attacks. Explore every path, the treasures have some interesting and helpful items. You can build up levels here if you want. When you take the first elevator down, you'll come to a maze area. Go in each door for alot of treasure chests. After you find the exit, which is a lower area. You'll find another area and a save point. Save and cure, then run forward into the big room. Gala will now fight Songi one-on-one. Use magic and attack, curing when need be. He should be easy. Continue forward. Save and hed down the elevator. Follow the path to another door. Save before you go in. After the sequence you'll fight Zeto. Zeto has an attack called Big Wave. However before it he'll use Call Wave. Spirit everytime Zeto uses call wave. He should be no problem. Now all of Drake Kingdom is rid of the mist.


    Ancient Wind Cave and Jerimi

    Back in Biron take the door leading to the West Voz Forest. Go straight all the way to a cave. This cave is simple. No enemies or anything. Search the barrals for some items. Buy new equipment if you need to. When you leave you'll get two Doors of Wind. Now you'll be in the Seccubus Islands. The mist is back. Head to the first town of Jerimi. You'll soon see that it is covered with Mist. Head all the way to the back and through the opening. Now head up the Sky Gardens. When there is more than one elevator, the others will lead to a chest. Once you reach the top find your way through the "difficult" maze. Cure before walking up to the boss. This guy is a huge pain. Click here for more help. After beating him, revive the tree. Now head down to talk to the mayor. After the funny sequence find Zalan's house. It's the bottom left one. Talk to him. He'll ask you to go to Vidna and find his son.


    Vidna and Octam

    Pepe's house is located above the Hot Springs. Go to him to get Yuma's Ring. Also find the monks house, which is located under the hot springs. Next to Danpes house. REMEMBER ABOUT THE SHELTER IN DANPES HOUSE! Leave and return to Jerimi, give Zalan the ring. He'll give you his crown. Now head to Octum. It looks like a big temple. Once you enter it, go straight and through the large white doors. When you reach the main area. Read the four books and remember the faces elements and direction. After reading the four books. Head down the secret passage. (under book 4) You'll meet Cara and she'll tell you about the Star Pearl and how Zalan has it! Head back to Jerimi.


    Underground Octam

    Talk to Zalan in Jerimi and get the Star Pearl. Now head back to the Octum island. Head North across the bridge and then head right all the way then down then left. You'll now come across the four statues. Remember the elements each face told you in Octum. Now use that info. The middle will open up and when you walk up to it throw in the Star Pearl. Now enter and you'll be in a passageway. It's mostly straight forward head left three or so times for some chests then head right all the way down. Soon you'll come to an area with floating platforms. Follow them to the exit. You'll now be in Underground Octum. Buy some new weapons, save, rest and head to the house with a guard standing in front of it.This is Hari's house. You'll see an earthquake scene when you head there. The guard will say Hari is asleep. Now head to the mayors house, the large house in the back. Head all the way up and talk to the mayor. Hari will awaken. Head back to his house. Talk to each one and then leave. Another earthquake will take Hari's house down!! Hari will then come up saying he knew that would happen. (Yeah uh huh, sure you did) Then reminds you to go to the Fire Path. I recommend leveling up the boss is quite a pain if your too low in level. Talk to the mayor and head to the fire path in the north west area.

    The Fire Path is quite easy to get through. Head into some of the pillars for some treasure. Soon you'll see a save point, save and continue to a lava filled area. Noa will take you on the platform, get the treasure chest at the first stop, then continue to the boss Xain. See boss section! Say your his enemy and you'll fight. After you win he'll turn all the lava into ice. Now get the remaining treasure in the area. Return to Underground Octum and talk to the mayor, he'll tell you that you can now use the elevator and asks you to get some Spring Salts from Vidna.


    The Next Genesis Tree

    When you get to Vidna you'll notice the windmills aren't working. (Have you noticed that how every town that has some innovative way to keep the mist out always stops working later on) Head to the shelter in the lower part of the far west. Talk to everyone, save then head to the windmill engine room. Head all the way to the bottom and open the treasures in the now cold water. One of them will have the Spring Salts. Now return to the mayor of Underground Octum. Give him the Salts and he'll give you the slowness chain and tell you the Ratayu has the next genesis tree. Head there.

    When you get to Ratayu Head all the way up to the palace. Then Up the stairs in the palace. At the throne should be a black MExican looking guy named Saryu. Talk to him to get a key to the mountain. Then head al the way back down into town. Take a right at the very bottom and use the key. Head up the, easy to follow the path, mountain. When you reach the top. The Genesis tree is surrounded by a giant trianguler force field. After the sequence, try and head back down the mountain. Songi will come and fight you. See boss section. After winning he will lower the force field. Now revive the tree.

    After reviving the tree head back to Ratayu and talk to some people your hear how Sayru is taking away women. When your ready head to the inn. Talk to the girl in the back. After the sequence Noa will be in a labortory talk to he weird scientist then try and leave. Sayru will come and stop you. Now you play as Vahn and Gala. Head into the palace. When you reach some double doors you'll be attacked by 2 weird guys...anyway try to get their power it's useful. Now head through the door and all the way up. You'll run into Sayru. After a sequence you'll fight him. See boss section. After you win you'll see that he had a Sim Seru controlling him and that he was making the ultimate Sim Seru...Juggernaught. After you talk to him you'll get the key to the opposite side door of the mountian one. Time to head to the generator.


    No More Mist On Succubus

    When you leave Ratayu Through the left area head all the way left and down. When you reach the castle head on in. The castle is relatively short and straight forward. In otherwords always take the Up escalators but not the down ones. You'll soon find your way through. When you reach the mist generator your reach Dohati. The giant turtle like guy. Watch out for Chaos Breath it can be a damaging attack. See boss section for more help.


    Sol and Buma

    After getting rid of all the mist on Succubus head back to Octum and buy some new stuff. Then head up to the right door I think, talk to the guy and he'll allow you on the flying cart to Karisto Kingdom. After the long sequence you'll be at Karisto station. Leave by heading all the way down. Now head through the mountains and around to Sol a giant tower. Once you enter head up the stairs, soon you'll hear a monster and a swordsman will come. His name is Gaza and he slays a monster. Head up and you should be in the part of Sol the mist can't reach. Now buy some stuff and head up to the very top where the Biron Monks are. Head up to the building and a man will come out. After the sequence he'll give you the Genesis Tree seedling. When you leave Gaza will challenge you to a fight. It's an easy battle. After winning head back down to the muscle dome. Now get some coins, you need to get 8 pieces of Seru Bread. Do that then head back into the mist areas. Explore the rooms and find greyish chests. Open them and then feed them the bread. After feeding all 8 head to the dog. It still won't move. Head into the room before it and step on the platform. A holograph a Dr. Usha will appear. Now the dog will move. Head down and down and down some more until you reach a save point. Save then head down once more. Figure out the simple puzzle then cure and head to the tree. You'll fight SUPER GAZA.'ll need it:) Now revive the tree and head through all the doors with the seru chest. One will have the mayor in it. He'll give you a password: X-X-triangle-O-square. Now leave Sol. Head around the mountains now. You'll see a small city. Head in and a seen will occur. Damn 3 genesis trees in one town!! After that head out.


    Time Space Bombs that blow up to early :)

    Head to the tower like structure and head in when you get to the pipe use the password. Head up the elvator, then talk to Dr. Usha on the top floor. He'll tell you the Ice Seru Koru is making the ice and will soon explode killing everyone of Karisto Kingdom! He says you need the Fire Droplet at Uru Mais. Head there it's the weird structure to the north. Head to the top of the fights here! Now after a sequence the three doors will open, go in each each dream...head back up and get the Fire Droplet. Then watch the cool movie. Leave and head back to Dr. Usha. Give him the droplet. Now head to the mountain behind Buma. Set the Time bomb then head in. You'll split up in and go by your selves. First control Noa then stand on the green symbol go use Vahn and push the thing so noa can cross have Noa hit the switch for Gala, then have Gala push the snow ball for Vahn. Head to Koru and fight the Delasies! YAY! After the Delasie fights you'll fight Koru. Bosses for help! Now leave the mountain.


    The Soren

    Head to Buma and Cara will be there after reviving the tree, she'll tell you to go to Sol and get Grantes and give you some music. Head to the bar in Sol and give the piano man the music. Now head back to Buma. Cara will give you the Ra-Seru Egg and Grantes the Soren Flute. Head to the mountain to the west. Climb up to the top, it isn't to hard. Play the flute and the Soren will come. After the sequence they'll take you to their town. Buy some new armor and weapons then talk to the elder. After that talk to Luctes and they'll take you to the Floating Castle. The Castle is quite straightforward, make sure to get the Evil God Icon, you also fight some Purua's Easy win for you! :) Now head to the throne room, buy figuring out the HARD ;) puzzle to open the door. (Whew took me a while to get that one :) After the sequence try to leave and then Zora will come...fight her..easy! Then gasp Songi will come and end up killing Zora for good! He'll also destroy the FAKE mist generator! Surprise!! You have 6:00 minutes to get the hell outta of there. It's sooooo easy to do. After the sequence you'll be back in the Soren Camp.


    No MoreMist!!

    Talk to the elder he'll say the real mist generator is found near Conkram. Luctes will fly you there. After you get to Conkram you'll see it's devoured by a weird being, a Sim Seru. :( Head to the palace and up to the throne room, there you'll see Noa's Mom. She says that you'll need a Nemesis Gem to get into Jette's Absoulute Fortress(JAF from now on, yes I'm lazy) Head to the stairs where some guards are and they'll move. Head all the way down and you'll meet Noa's Father. He'll give you the Seru Flame or something like that. Head back up to the queen and to the left door, use the flam on the torches an you'll be transported to the past. Talk to some people then head into the town and to the inn. (An a expensive one at that) However it's free. The next day walk outside and there be a demenstration of...THE MIST! Now the town will be covered, head back to the palace and to the area where Noa met her dad in the Present, Save and Jump in the hole. You'll be in a weird dungeon, ONLY STEP ON THE TELEPORTERS WHEN THE ROOM ISN'T SHAKING!! On the second and third floors you must find the crystals before advancing. You'll fight Caruban lvl2 and 3 and Beserker lvl 2 and 3. Once you reach the top you'll fight Rouge. Easy boss. Now Conkram will be ok for now. The King will give you the Nemesis Gem. Head to the roof and talk to the queen to get Minea's Ring. Now head back to the mirror room and leave.

    JAF is located behind the present Conkram, when you get back talk to the queen and head to JAF. When entering Noa will throw the Nemesis Gem and destroy the sheild. Head in. Soon you'll come to a mist filled pool with a sleeping Juggernaught!!! After the sequence head up. Soon you'll see a control move the switch to the left and leave. Jette will come saying you shouldn't mess around with others property then fight you. See boss section. After winning move the switch to the left and head out to the area that you ride to the left. Now you can continue to the Mist Generator. Now you'll fight Cort. See boss section. After winning the mist generator will be destroyed. Now either use a Door of Light or wait for Cara to save you.


    Stop Songi!!

    Head to Conkram...a sad event will occur and then you will be in Rim Elm. Talk to everyone, talk to Tetsu and you may fight him, if you win you get a Prize. To initate a further event talk to Gala bye the Genesis Tree, he'll talk about Songi and then your good old friend will come! He'll talk and talk some more then he'll destroy Rim Elm with Juggernaught then he'll head to Seru Kai. Head there through Uru Mais I believe. Then head around, you can gain useful magic here and I suggest levelling up. Songi is hard. Once you get to the Giant Genesis Tree Songi will be there destroying it!! Time to fight...see boss section...done? Ok after you win Hari will come and revive it for a limited time. Time to head back to Rim Elm. It begins and ends there. How ironic.


    Save the World........Again

    Head into the Juggernaught at Rim Elm..climb down the stairs (don't ask) and continue along until you reach a river of body fluids. Go ahead jump on in! Hit X at the next log like thing and continue through the cave. You'll soon reach another river jump in to get the treasure and it'll bring you back. Find all of the best armor around there. Right before the final boss will be the chests with the best weapons. When you get back to where you jumped in head up. Save then head in...this is where all the people are. Mei will give you her pendent if you didn't get it in the beggining, also you'll get some things from Val and Nene think. After finding your way to the top continue through the maze, this has the weapons. Then head down the middle path to a area with a save point and two balls. Jump on each one really quick then keep going forward. After a long sequence you'll be fighting the Final Boss. See boss section for help. Then your done. Enjoy the ending.

    Fin~ whoo hoo!! : )

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