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Muscle Dome Area

This Helps at the Muscle Dome at Sol

Table of Contents

1. Baka Fighter Help

2 Begginer Course

3. Expert Course

4. Master Course

5. Slot Machine Tips

6. Help From Others


Round 1: square

Round 2: X

Round 3: O

Round 4: square-X

Round 5: O-O-O-X-X-X

Round 6: O-X

Round 7: square-square-square-X-X-X-O-O-O

Round 8: X-O-square-square-square-square

Round 9: O-O-X

Round 10: square-X-O

Round 11: square-square-O-X

Round 12: O-O-X-square

Round 13: X-X-square-sqaure-X-X-O-O

Round 14: square-square-X-O-O-O-X

Sometimes the enemy will break out of the patern for a bit but don't change it.The Round 14 Songi battle isn't always that pattern so watch out when you fight him! Thanks YGomes1967!

Now we do each fighting course in the Sol fighting area.

Begginer Course

Monsters You Fight

1. Red Piura

2. Skeleton

3. Drake Ghost

4. Caruban

5. Gola Gola

6. Zeto

7. Viguro lvl.2

8. Xain

Hints + Tips: Not much you need to know. All are easy except for Xain. Have a Life Grail and a War Soul and then an Item that'll protect you from his Terio Punch.

Winnings: 818 coins

Expert Course

Monsters you Fight

1. Black Piura

2. High Gomboo

3. Dark Ogre

4. Gold Bison

5. Ironman

6. Caruban

7. Aluru

8. Xain

Hints + Tips: Same as for the Begginer Course. Xain is also the last guy here too. That's about it. Watch out for Aluru's Cannon.

Winnings: 1,532 coins

Master Course

Note: You must finish Jettes's Abosoulute Fortress to get the War God Icon and all the coins. So do that first!!

Monsters you Fight

1. Ironman

2. Viguro Lvl. 2

3. Gold Bison

4. Caruban

5. Zeto

6. Berserker

7. Xain

8. Dohati

9. Lu Delilas

10. Che Delilas

11. Gi Delilas

12. Zora

13. Jette

Hints and Tips: You can do this with the Fire Droplet for some easier wins but you won't get the War God Icon. Some good items to equip are the best weapon's and armor from Juggernaught, the Mettel Goblet which keeps AP at 100, a Life Grail and the Evil Medallion from Lapis. Or a War Soul. Remeber for Lu Delilas Vahn may not be faster like Noa is so watch out. Jette might be annoying so be careful. Level up before this.

Winnings: 13,856 coins and a War God Icon (only once for the Icon)

Chicken King: Run away once from each course

Slot Machine Tips

Vidna Prizes

War Soul=1,000 coins
Spirit Jewel=800 coins
Guardian Ring=400 coins
Fury Boost=150 coins
Power Elixer=80 coins
Shield Elixer=80 coins
Phoenix=50 coins
Heavy Lure=10 coins
Normal Lure=5 coins
Light Lure=2 coins

Hints for the slot machine: Be patient, try to get a bonus game. You could win lotsa coins. GET THE WAR SOUL!! Also this is the only place where you can get fishing lures. The guy sells coins for 100 a piece.

Sol Prizes

Earth Egg=100,000 coins (see hints at bottom)
Evil God Icon=10,00 coins
Lost Grail=8,000 coins
Life Armband=5,000 coins
Deluxe Rod=2,500 coins
Vitality Ring=1,000 coins
Magic Ring=500 coins
Healing Berry=250 coins
Incense=200 coins
Fury Boost=150 coins
Soru Bread=100 coins
Gold Card=50 coins

Hints and Tips: To get the Earth Egg you need to get 100,000 coins before it appears on the list. I suggest not getting the Evil GOd Icon considering you can find it in the Floating Castle. I'd buy the Gold Card First considering you need it for the Dance Club. Buy Soru Bread then Sell em for easy Money. Also if you have the Legendary Rod don't get the Deluxe Rod. I find that the lower left slot machine wins the most. Again be patient save try if it sucks reload and try again. Baka Fighter Pays out 400 or so coins if you win the entire thing.

Help From Others

Any helpful hints for the fighting arena or Slot machines then E-mail me!


Table of Contents

1. Vidna Fishing Spot

2. Buma Fishing Spot

3. Help From Others

This section will help you on fishing so read on if you need it!

Vidna Fishing Spot

Items Recieved Mettle Armband=1,500 points
Power Ring=1,000 points
Healing Fruit=500 points
Lippian Flute=200 points
Spikefish Flute= 200 points

Hints: Nothing special here.

Buma Fishing Spot

Items Recieved

Water Egg=20,000 points (see hints)
Life Grail=6,500 points
Magic Grail=6,500 points
Spirit Tailsman=4,000 points
Lippian Flute=200 points
Spikefish Flute=200 points

Hints: To get the Water Egg you must get 20,000 points before it appears on the list. To get 20,000 points get the Legendary Rod from Usha's Research Center and look between the 2 beds on the second floor. Then put a Heavy Lure on it, cast the rod a 50% at the left plant. Chances are you'll grab a rare fish worth alot of points. My high is 420. It'll still take a while and the fish is quite hard to catch but the Water Egg is worth it.

Help From Others

Any more Hints and Tips for Fishing? Then E-mail me!

Dancing Contest

Table Of Contents

1. Hints and Tips

2. Help from others

Hints and Tips

First off you need the Gold Card to get in. To get the Gold Card raise 50 coins in the Muscle Dome and buy it off the item list. Second off, practice with the Disco King, if you get a high enough score in practice, you'll get a prize. When your all ready, save and hand over the money to enter. Be sure to save your last triangle to the very makes a difference believe me. When you win you'll get 10,000G and a swimsuit, if you talk to the Disco King you get an aceesory that lets you always get the first attack! The swimsuit can be used at Vidna. Talk to the little girl on the beach and she'll take 5 pictures with the camera stone of Noa in her bathing suit.

Help From Others

Got any tips on the Dancing Contest... E-mail me!

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