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Quote Of The Week!

The Quote of the week is an unusual sentence from any game. If you can guess the quote then your screenname or name will be posted. To the left will be the answer to the old quote when a new one comes up!! Anyways here it is. I'll start off easy:)

Quote for the week of 7/9/99*

"Why are your faces so red? I didn't realize it was so hot here in Meribia"

Easy huh? So send in your answers

*Note the quote will not be updated until I get some answers!!


1. Zorlak4622

2. cyboreshadow


Welcome to my Q+A site! Here you can ask any questions about any game. If I don't know the answer I'll find it for you!! So ask away! Site will be updated anytime I get more questions. Also see if you can find out the Quote of the Week!!

Updates: August 7th I just started the site send in your Questions!!


Send your questions, coments anything! Please put QandA in the subject! Ask by clicking here!!!

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